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NJCEDV strives to increase the public’s awareness about domestic violence prevention, and the ways we can all work together to end domestic violence in our communities.

Pathways to Prevention 

Men of Courage Network

The collective socialization of manhood has long defined what a man should be. For generations men have been taught largely how to function with toxic masculinity. This type of socialization is extremely problematic because it has created a culture where men operate within a hierarchy, men who are viewed as hyper masculine are favored and those who are not are alienated, it has also supported the notion that males are superior while devaluing females having them seen as inferior.

The Men of Courage Network is seeking to rewrite that narrative by changing the landscape of a toxic male culture to one which is healthy. We want interrupt the generations of bondage and oppression this toxic culture has created. We believe that engaging young men and boys as allies in the work to End Domestic Violence will be one key to creating healthier New Jersey communities now and for generations to come.

Public Awareness

NJCEDV strives to increase the public’s awareness, through a number of platforms, about domestic violence and the ways we can all work together to end domestic violence in our communities. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter below and  follow us on social media.

NJCEDV provides education, training and support to advocates, community partners, and educators on ways to engage communities in primary prevention efforts. 

Engaging Men and Boys in Communities

With support from the NJ Department of Children and Families’ Division on Women, NJCEDV provides training, education and technical assistance on engaging men and boys as allies in the work to end gender based violence.

NJ Men of Courage Regional Groups – Available to anyone who is interested or actively involved in engaging men and boys work.

The NJ Men of Courage network seeks to rewrite the narrative that has socialized men and boys to believe that men who demonstrate hyper masculine traits are favored and valued, and those who do not are alienated and seen as inferior. The NJMOC work to interrupt these long-held beliefs, and to lead young men and boys toward healthier ways of being for themselves, their partners, and their communities.

  • Northern
  • Central
  • Southern
  • *NJMOC Thriving Thursday Alumni Group – Available to all who have attended an ACTM Institute. (Bi- Monthly) 

Support and Technical Assistance

The NJCEDV Prevention Forum exists to serve as a space for Preventionists (advocates, educators and community leaders) to obtain peer support, share resources, training and technical assistance around Prevention best practices and cross-system collaborations.

  • 4th Thursday of the month, 10am-12pm
  • Contact NJCEDV Prevention Manager, Wil DuBose, for more information at

Training and Education Opportunities 

Prevention Curricula

Teen Dating Violence Resources

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