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NJCEDV advocates across systems for policies that enhance responses to domestic violence, increase victim safety, increase access to resources for all individuals impacted by domestic violence, and to help us prevent domestic violence in NJ.

NJ 2018-2019 State Legislative Session

NJCEDV supports

A860/S117 Mandates domestic violence training for municipal prosecutors.

A873/S113 Mandates automatic call-out of Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT) volunteers by law enforcement in domestic violence cases.

A876/S114 Establishes standards for Batterers Intervention Programs (BIPs) in domestic violence cases.

A875/S587 Seeks to expand services for children in every county

AJR115/SJR69 Establishes a “NJ Domestic Violence Legal Access Task Force.”

A5860 Requires domestic violence orders be issued in other languages in addition to English under certain circumstances.

A4743/S3229 Allows residents unable to prove lawful presence in US to receive permits, and standard driver’s licenses or identification cards.

S2540 the “Dignity for Incarcerated Primary Caretaker Parents Act”.

S2609 prohibits “gay panic defense” in certain cases including homicide and manslaughter. Moved out of the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday.

Federal Legislation

NJCEDV joins the National Network to End Domestic Violence and domestic violence coalitions across the country to advocate for federal policies that help to increase safety for survivors and access to services for all survivor and communities.

Urge the Senate to pass S2843 Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act

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Legal Advocacy

NJCEDV provides training and technical assistance to advocates and attorneys across NJ to help ensure survivors’ safe access to the legal process.

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