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40-Hour Domestic Violence Training Program

NJCEDV’s 40 Hour Domestic Violence training is a web-based, self-paced learning experience for advocates new to the field of domestic violence. This training program covers the basics of advocacy, understanding the dynamics and impact of domestic violence, equity and inclusion in domestic violence services, and much more!  

This training is currently available for advocates of NJCEDV’s Member Programs.  

Not part of a member program? Check back soon! The training will be available to programs and partners outside NJCEDV membership in early 2024.  

Completion of this training program counts toward the required 40-Hour Domestic Violence Training for advocates (N.J.S.A. 2A:84A-22.13 to -22.16; N.J. Rule of Evidence 517). However, completion of this training program alone does not guarantee you placement as an advocate in a program or that you will have “victim-counselor” privilege in your communication with victims. You will need additional training from your domestic violence program to orient you to your role. In addition, you will need to receive ongoing supervision from your domestic violence program in order to maintain confidential and privileged communication with victims and survivors you work with.  

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