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NJCEDV's 19th Annual Conference: Reimagining Justice

Thank you to all who attended our 19th Annual Conference: Reimagining Justice!

Together we envisioned a world where justice for survivors and communities is centered in our work!

Reflections on our 40th Anniversary Celebration: Sharing Stories & Raising Awareness!

The New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence (NJCEDV) team is so thankful for all the support and love we received in celebration of our 40th Anniversary! There is still time to support our work by donating a gift today!

Make a gift today in honor of our 40th Anniversary!

Anti- Racism is Our Movement

Learn more about our anti-racism work and how you can support the movement.

Moment of Truth Statement

Anti-Racism is Our Movement Statement

NJCEDV COVID-19 Resources

Get updates on services and tips for staying safe and healthy during the COVID-19 crisis.

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NJCEDV is celebrates 40 years of service and advocacy!

We are grateful for your support, and look forward to continuing to work with you to create healthy and safe communities for everyone across our state.

What do you envision for the work in the next 40 years?

Let Us Know

Deaf Advocacy Project

Culturally sensitive advocacy, education and supportive services

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Inclusion Matters

Learn how NJCEDV is centering the voices and needs of survivors in our work to end domestic violence.

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