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Become a Man of Courage

Mission Statement

The collective socialization of manhood has long defined what a man should be. For generations men have been taught largely how to function with toxic masculinity. This type of socialization is extremely problematic because it has created a culture where men operate within a hierarchy, men who are viewed as hyper masculine are favored and those who are not are alienated, it has also supported the notion that males are superior while devaluing females having them seen as inferior. 

The Men of Courage Network is seeking to rewrite that narrative by changing the landscape of a toxic male culture to one which is healthy. We want interrupt the generations of bondage and oppression this toxic culture has created. We believe that engaging young men and boys as allies in the work to End Domestic Violence will be one key to creating healthier New Jersey communities now and for generations to come.

The driving force behind our work are our 5 core values:

Survivor Centered:

We believe that the validation of experiences and the voices of those who have been harmed are vital to our work.


Healing is Right not a privilege:

We believe that all men including those who have caused harm have a right to have safe spaces to heal from their trauma.


Everyone has Equity:

We believe that every man including those who have caused harm have value in helping to end DV in New Jersey


We are Community:

We believe no one voice is more important than the other. Men and Women working and lifting our voices together will help end dv and create a healthier New Jersey.


Be the Change:

We believe that men can no longer stand idly by and watch the perpetration of abuse. We seek to empower men and boys to start where they are. Speak out in their circles and take action.